Throughout the General Plan Update, Ventura County staff and consultants will produce documents and make them available to the public. Documents that will become part of Ventura County’s policy framework must go through a public review process once they are created by staff and before they are incorporated into the General Plan.

What documents are being created for the General Plan Update? Which have been created so far?

All of the publicly available documents created during the General Plan Update can be found online. Read more

How do I tell the County how I feel about the General Plan Update and the policies it is proposing?

During the public review process, citizens can submit comments in support of or opposition to portions of any document currently under public review. These comments can be submitted in a number of ways including:

  • Email comments directly to Ventura County staff. Contact information for General Plan Update staff members is available on the Contact Us page
  • Submit comments online using the General Plan Update’s Online Comment Form.
  • Attend and speak at a Ventura County Board of Supervisors or Planning Commission hearing. Scheduled General Plan Update appearances in front of the Board of Supervisors or Planning Commission can be found via or by visiting the General Plan Update’s Events page.
  • Mail comments as a hard copy to the Resource Management Agency’s Planning Division:
    • Attn: RMA Planning Division, General Plan Update
    • 800 S. Victoria Avenue, L #1740
    • Ventura CA 93009-1740

What is the difference between Administrative Review and Public Review?

Within the Ventura County General Plan Update, documents under administrative review are those that are currently being reviewed by County staff, typically prior to review by the public. Documents that have been released to the public, but not yet adopted by a decision-making body are said to be under public review. During the public review period, the public is encouraged to review documents and comment on those documents if deemed appropriate by the citizen or citizens who have reviewed them.