Where and How Did the Public Provide Input on the General Plan Update?

During the General Plan Update Project, the public had the ability to provide input through a variety of channels. Some of those channels included:

  • Submitting written or verbal comments for hearings or work sessions in front of the Board of Supervisors. Visit the Board of Supervisors webpage to learn more.
  • Submitting written or verbal comments for hearings or work sessions in front of the Planning Commission. Visit the Planning Commission webpage to learn more.
  • Participating in community workshops, open houses, and pop-up booths. Visit the Community Engagement webpage to learn more.
  • Attending a community presentation hosted by a Ventura County Municipal Advisory Council or other organization. Visit the Meetings and Presentations webpage to learn more. 

Who Is Provided Input on the General Plan Update?

As directed by the Board of Supervisors and laid out in the General Plan Update’s project's Scope of Work, the General Plan Update relied on the Ventura County Planning Commission as a primary advisory body but received additional technical assistance from technical experts in additional groups.

As the primary advisory body for the General Plan Update, the Planning Commission reviewed public draft reports, was provided with all public input, and provided direction to County staff and consultants throughout the project. Details related to public work sessions and hearings with the Planning Commission are available on the Planning Commission webpage.

However, the General Plan Update Project received input from the public at every phase of the project through a number of channels and settings including public hearings and work sessions, citizen advisory bodies, community workshops and open houses, information kiosks, pop-up booths, and other means. Learn more about how the General Plan Update Project interacted with and received input from the public on the  Community Engagement or Project Milestones webpages.

Technical expertise will be gathered from several channels throughout the General Plan Update project by forming and consulting with a Technical Advisory Committee, seven issue-area Focus Groups, the County’s Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee, and the County's Municipal Advisory Councils.

To learn more about the bodies advising the General Plan Update, visit their webpages on this site:

advise graphic