Explore this page to learn more about how the General Plan Update will engage with Ventura County’s Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee.


What will the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee do for the General Plan Update?

The Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee, also called “APAC”, will use the technical expertise of its members to review public draft documents and reports. The goal of their involvement in the General Plan Update is to ensure that documents are accurate and complete as well as provide input to County staff and decision-makers.

When will the General Plan Update interact with the Agricultural Policy Advisory Policy Committee?

The General Plan Update will interact with the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee at 5 points in the General Plan Update project. These points of engagement include review of the following public draft documents:

  • Draft Background Report
  • Draft Assets, Issues and Opportunities Workshop Summary
  • Draft Vision and Guiding Principals
  • Alternatives Report
  • General Plan Policy Document
  • What is the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee?

    The Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) was initially formed in 1976 and currently includes 5 members, each an appointee of a different Ventura County Supervisor. APAC receives staff support services from the Agricultural Commissioner. Additional information about APAC can be found online here.