January 27, 2015 | Resource Management Agency Appears Before Board of Supervisors

The Resource Management Agency presented a recommendation of preliminary tasks for developing a scope of work, budget and timeline for the County’s General Plan Update. Board of Supervisors Agenda Item #34.

Pre-Scoping Process for the General Plan Update

In January 2o15, the Resource Management Agency’s (RMA) Planning Division brought to the Board of Supervisors a request for direction regarding the General Plan Update and authorization to seek consultant assistance to develop a scope of work for the project. The staff report can be viewed online via the  Board of Supervisors online archives. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved the recommended action and in March the staff began working with the firm Mintier Harnish to develop a General Scope of Work.

The effort to develop a General Plan Update Work Program involved a significant outreach component. Public input was gathered through public workshops and stakeholder interviews held in April 2015. Using the information provided during April’s public outreach efforts, the County’s Planning Division staff and consultants produced a Work Program Options Report which was presented to the County’s citizens, Supervisors, and Planning Commissioners during a Joint Study Session and Public Workshop on July 7th. Summaries of the public workshops and stakeholder interviews can be viewed or downloaded using the links below:

Based on the direction received at the Joint Study Session and Public Workshop, a final recommended work program was prepared and presented to the Board of Supervisors on August 4 2015. The recommended work program reflects a comprehensive General Plan Update that includes a focused visioning process and alternatives analysis, extensive public engagement, three new elements (water, agriculture, and economic development), and inclusion of several contemporary topics (healthy communities, sustainability, and climate change). The Program also includes a reformatting and integration of the County’s Area Plans and a Wildlife Corridor Protection Program. The recording of the August 4th Board meeting, along with other documents associated with the presentation, can be accessed through the Ventura County Website at:

At its August 4th meeting, the Board of Supervisors asked for additional information, and requested the development of an optional work program. During a Board meeting on September 22nd, the Board received the requested additional information and took action to direct staff to move forward immediately with the recommended work program. The recording of the September 22nd Board meeting, along with other documents associated with the presentation, can be accessed via the Ventura County website, or by using the links below:

As directed by the Board of Supervisors, a Request for Proposals was issued to seek consultant assistance in the preparation of the General Plan Update. It is anticipated that a consultant will be retained and the Update will be formally initiated in January, 2016, and project the project will be completed by early 2020.